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Andrew Nato

Alejandro Q. Nato, Jr., Ph.D.

Dr. Nato is a computational/statistical geneticist who aims to identify candidate genes for complex diseases. In the process, he develops methods, pipelines, resources, and quality control (QC) procedures that are fundamental for the analysis of genetic data. Dr Nato has expertise on pedigree-based genetic analysis for complex diseases. He developed a pedigree-based analysis pipeline (PBAP), which facilitates analysis of dense genetic data in extended families. PBAP performs file manipulations and preparations, checks relationships within pedigrees, critically selects a subset of markers from a dense panel, and accesses another software to sample inheritance vectors (IVs) that are very useful for downstream analysis. Dr. Nato also constructed the third generation combined linkage-physical map of the human genome (Rutgers Map v.3).

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Douglas Londono

Douglas Londono, Ph.D.

Dr. Londono works in the field of Statistical and Computational Genetics with expertise in both developing and applying statistical methodologies for the analysis of large-scale datasets. Over the years, Dr. Londono's work has focused on addressing issues intrinsic to all genetic data. These topics include locus/allelic heterogeneity, pleiotropy, population stratification, phenotype/ genotype misclassification as well as disease progression (longitudinal) phenotypes and EMRs.

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